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Rakesh Reddy, Owner & Chief Engineer
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Prior to opening LAB 714, Rakesh served as Vice President of Engineering for MSi, Inc. focusing on product development and design. Rakesh specializes in electronics and embedded systems, software and firmware development, and holds both an Electrical and Computer Engineering Degree from Marquette University.

Rakesh has filed patents at every firm in his tenure and loves to tinker away at a challenge with his team of engineers. Rakesh is also the creator of DreamScreen, a Smart TV Lighting Kit that reacts via HDMI. Outside of the Lab, Rakesh enjoys the latest techie gadgets, spicey cuisine and being outdoors with his wife and son.

A Note From The President
Hello, and thank you for stopping by the LAB! We are an electronic design-consulting firm with a passion for engineering. We’re working on some exciting projects, but would love to hear from you! Learn more about our services and how we can help you solve your next big idea! Rakesh Reddy

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