Embedded Systems Engineering

All of our designers are seasoned veterans with experience in DSP’s, wireless communications systems, down to dedicated single chip functions for very low cost applications.

Hardware and Software Specialization

A good product is an amalgamation of hardware and software. Having both disciplines under one roof allows us to get the most out of your product.

Mechanical Designs

Mechanical aspects of design are done with Solidworks. This covers simple enclosures, potted assemblies, to full system design. Integration with the eCAD system ensures first time fit of the PCB assemblies along with connector locationsand mounting.

Software & Firmware

Our team of highly skilled design engineers specialize in developing software and firmware solutions for the most challenging applications.

High Brightness LED Designs

With many High Brightness LED designs in our portfolio, we consider this our specialty. We have developed under water lights, television backlighting, architectural accent lights etc.

Wireless Communication

We can provide cost competitive IOT services leveraging the ESP32 workhorse. Leverage our existing libraries for fast time to market.

Bluetooth Technology

Unlock the potential of Ultra Low Power Sensor technology with Texas Instruments BLE product line.

Assembly & Testing

Our team of technicians can assemble prototypes and validate hardware and software for you. We’ll work closely with your design team to ensure the tests reveal the desired information.

PC & Mobile APP Design

No matter how massive an idea, our team of designers and developers can modularly create an incredible user experience that is mobile driven. Whether it’s a mobile app that allows you to communicate with hardware, read diagnostic information, or conduct a complex operation, we will ensure that functionality is met with top of the line usability.

Schematic Capture & PCB Layout

We use Altium PCB Designer almost exclusively for our layouts. This is a very powerful yet easy to use tool that provides a robust rule checking ensuring clean designs the first time. All the usual file outputs are built in as well as step file exports for Solidworks integration.

Digital Signal Processing

Ever wondered how some graphic designers always manage to produce beautiful looking designs for their brochures, website designs.

Power Electronics Design

Power electronics requires special attention to more subtle issues. For custom solutions, details like traces width for handling the current, PCB layout clearances for passing UL, leakage inductance and gate drive design for SMPS all contribute to a reliable design.

HDMI Integration

Ever wondered how some graphic designers always manage to produce beautiful looking designs for their brochures, website designs.

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